Professional / Personal Enhancement Program (PEP)


PEP is designed to enhance an adult’s knowledge and skills
so that they can more effectively pursue their professional and personal goals.

PEP operates on two schedules: 1) via ad-hoc events;  2) via a 7 week curriculum.

Examples of Ad-hoc Events

How to Build and Preserve Wealth (investing; budgeting; smart shopping)
How to Build and Preserve Health (nutrition; exercise; health clinics)
Mock Job Interviews (a panel reviews your resume interviews you for a prospective position)

Examples of a 7 Week Curriculum

SQL Programming (selecting data; modifying data; creating tables)
Web Site Development / Using Social Media (creating and hosting a site; using Facebook and Twitter)
Public Speaking (complete 7 speeches from an ice-breaker  to a star-maker)
Sample Public Speaking Curriculum

Week 1 Break the Ice (warm to public speaking by telling us what you’re most familiar with: you)
Week 2 Get to the Point (focus on one point; we only remember the chorus --- not the verses)
Week 3 Tell a Story (a momentary arousal of emotions will birth a lifetime of memories)
Week 4 Paint a Picture (a picture is worth a thousand words, so use visuals properly)
Week 5 Speak the Truth (make sure you have the facts, and give credit where credit is due)
Week 6 Save the Day (the schedule speaker is missing, so you’ll have to give an impromptu speech)
Week 7 It’s My Time to Shine (this should incorporate principles from previous speeches)


Registration is not required for ad-hoc  events.  Registration is required for a 7 week class and is on a first-come first-serve basis.  Please check the Calendar of Events below to see when each event and curriculum begins.  Participants must begin the curriculum at Week 1; no in-stream registrations are allowed.  The maximum number of participants allowed per curriculum cycle is 6.
There is no registration fee.  But participants are responsible for all costs associated events and classes.  For example, if participants want to publish a live web site they will need to purchase a domain name and contract with a hosting company.

Terms of Agreement

Since registration for the 7 week curriculum is on a first-come first-serve basis and classes are limited to 6 students per curriculum cycle, please register only if you know you can participate in all 7 classes and complete all assignments.
Christian Ambassadors reserves the right to deny registration to any person.
Christian Ambassadors reserves the right to terminate participation in PEP for inappropriate comments and/or behavior.

Class Schedule (check Calendar of Events for specifics)

Saturday from 7 – 9 pm
4161 Rainbow Drive
Decatur, GA 30034


Registration Application

If you are interested in presenting a topic at one of our ad-hoc events, or are interested in attending one of our 7 week classes, please contact us at

Phone: (770) 765-7965



Christian Ambassadors Education Center



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