Youth Entrepreneur Program (YEP)


YEP is a 7 week curriculum designed to help high schools students
incorporate and successfully operate their own non-profit businesses.


Week 1 Presentations from Non-Profit Businesses
Week 2 Understanding the Non-Profit Business Structure and its Benefits
Week 3 Developing a Business Plan
Week 4 Developing a Web Presence
Week 5 Writing and Filing By-Laws; Articles of Incorporation; 501(c)(3) Application
Week 6 Conducting Business Meetings According to Robert’s Rules of Order
Week 7 Public Presentation of Business Plans to Potential Investors and Supporters


Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.  Please check the Calendar of Events below to see when each curriculum begins.  Students must begin the curriculum at Week 1; no in-stream registrations are allowed.  The maximum number of students allowed per curriculum cycle is 6.
There is no registration fee.  But students are responsible for all costs associated with becoming a legal non-profit and the operation thereafter.

Costs (all are optional)

Printed business plan (there is no cost for an electronic version).
Obtaining a domain name; contracting with a web-hosting company; publishing a web site (there is no cost for a Facebook page or Twitter account).
Filing Articles of Incorporation; filing the 501(c)(3) application; purchasing a business license (there is no cost for creating an electronic version of the Articles of Incorporation or the 501(c)(3) application).
Labor and materials required for the operation of a non-profit.

Terms of Agreement

Since registration is on a first-come first-serve basis and classes are limited to 6 students per curriculum cycle, please register only if you know you can participate in all 7 classes and complete all assignments.
Christian Ambassadors reserves the right to deny registration to any person.
Christian Ambassadors reserves the right to terminate participation in YEP for inappropriate comments and/or behavior.

Class Schedule (check Calendar of Events for specifics)

Sunday from 10 – 12 pm
4161 Rainbow Drive
Decatur, GA 30034



Registration Application

If you are interested in participating, either as a student or speaker, please contact us at

Phone: (770) 765-7965



Christian Ambassadors Education Center



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