The Old and New Covenants;
God with Us & God in Us


A covenant is an agreement between two or more partners to fulfill their part of the agreement, and the covenant lasts until one of the partners breaks the covenant or dies. Only in the case where God says that a covenant is everlasting regardless of what humans do, is a covenant everlasting. For instance, the rainbow covenant is everlasting.

In this study we’ll look at the one Covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and prove that it had two major parts, i.e. physical and spiritual promises, with the physical promises being incorporated into the Old Covenant and the spiritual promises being incorporated into the New Covenant. As you’ll see, in all three cases (the one covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the two covenants later named the Old and New) God made promises - His part of the agreement, and required faith & obedience – the other partners’ part of the agreement.

To help grasp the enormity of this subject, please keep in mind this simple statement:

The Old Covenant gave us death thru sin --- and brought us to Jesus Christ.

The New Covenant gives us life thru forgiveness of sin because we accept Jesus Christ.

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