3 P's of our Profession - Smyrna


SMYRNA (Rev 2:8-11)

Background on Smyrna

Smyrna was one of the very few planned cities in the ancient world. It had been founded as a Greek colony as far back as 1000 b.c. About 600 b.c. disaster struck at the hands of the Lydians who broke in from the east and destroyed it. For 400 years Smyrna ceased from being a city, having been reduced to a collection of little villages; then Lysimachus rebuilt the city of Smyrna according to detailed plans. It was built with great, straight, broad streets. Most famous of all the streets was the Street of Gold, which began with the Temple of Zeus and ended with the Temple of Cybele. Here we have an interesting and a significant thing that points us to the qualifications of the Risen Christ to evaluate the Church at Smyrna.

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