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What is the purpose of prophecy? One purpose of prophecy is to tell us in advance what’s going to happen so that when it happens we build confidence in the one who prophesied. In other words, when God says He’s going to do something, He’s going to do it so that we come to completely trust Him.

In this booklet we’re going to discuss 37 prophecies about the first coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ --- all of which were fulfilled exactly as God prophesied they would be. My prayer is that you will completely trust God to fulfill all future prophecy exactly as He says He will because you know that in the past … God Said It and God Did It!

Before we delve into the 37 prophecies about the first coming of Yeshua ha Messiah, let’s hear from His own mouth what is one of the purposes of prophecy. John 13:18-19 “I know whom I have chosen: but {one of you will betray me so} that the scripture may be fulfilled: “he that eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me.” Now I’m telling you before it happens so that when it comes to pass you will believe that I am He.” John 14:28-29 “You have heard how I said to you, I go away, and will come again to you. I have told you before it comes to pass so that when it does come to pass you will believe.”

So now let’s start with the first prophecy in the Bible concerning the first coming of Jesus. I’ll first quote the prophecy, and afterwards give the scriptures that fulfilled the prophecy.

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