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400 years DOES NOT and CAN NOT refer to the number of years Israel was under Egyptian affliction (Gen 15:13; Act 7:6). Joseph died at 110 years old in 1692 BC. Even if Israel’s affliction commenced immediately after his death --- which it didn’t --- 400 years later would put the Exodus at 1292 BC. From 1292 BC - 967 BC (the 4 th year of Solomon’s reign) = 325 years. But I Kng 6:1 says it was 480 years from the Exodus to the 4 th year of Solomon’s reign.

400 years DOES refer to the question Abraham asked God: how long shall it be before my descendants INHERIT the PROMISED LAND? (Gen 15:6-7). God answers by saying:

The two obvious questions we must ask are:


The 400 year prophecy found in Genesis 15 is focused on the Nation of Israel INHERITING The PROMISED LAND.

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